Mattie Lubchansky, author portrait

Mattie Lubchansky

MATTIE LUBCHANSKY is a cartoonist and illustrator and the Associate Editor of Ignatz award-winning magazine and website The Nib ( They are also an Ignatz winner, a Herblock Prize finalist, and the author of The Antifa Super-Soldier Cookbook. They live in beautiful Queens, NY, with their spouse.


Advance Praise for Mattie Lubchansky’s BOYS WEEKEND

Boys Weekend goes on-sale June 6th! From Mattie Lubchansky, the award-winning cartoonist and editor at The Nib, it’s a hilarious trans-“final girl” horror graphic novel about a bachelor party gone very, very wrong. Perfect for fans of sharp horror-satire like Ready or Not, Cabin in the Woods, The World’s End, and Get Out, and anyone

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