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If you cannot find an answer to your questions on this page, please email us at:


Penguin Random House is the global home to adult and children’s publishing across more than 300 core publishing imprints and more than 50 distributed clients. Headquartered in New York City with operations in 20 countries across six continents, Penguin Random House has distribution centers in Indiana, Maryland, and Nevada

Penguin Random House currently provides sales and distribution services to 50+ independent publishers including DC Comics, Kodansha, and Seven Seas. See a full list of our clients here:

If you’re a fan and would like to order any of our titles please contact your local comic shop for information.

If you are a comic shop retailer and would like information on how to setup an account- please contact

If you’re a comic shop retailer with an established PRH account you’re welcome to reach out to your sales rep or utilize the following contacts:

Penguin Random House hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST.


If you’re a comic shop retailer, and would like to setup an account, please fill out the new account application and email it with your initial order and state resale certificate to


For established accounts, orders can be placed directly on our site or sent directly to For new accounts, please contact to setup an account.

To inquire about the status or tracking for orders already placed, please call customer service at (877)-888-2918 or email

Accounts may also sign up for PRH Business Self-Service to track their orders online.


Customers can create a pull list, download it, and share it with their local comic shop to order. Retailers in the United States can enter their list in Penguin Random House Self-Service using the Add UPCs/ISBNs modal. Retailers can learn more about ordering here.

It’s easy to build a Pull List on our site!

Tap the heart next to any book you wish to add to your list. Tap it again if you wish to remove. The pull list counter in the top corner will update to reflect the number of titles you have in your list.

Download your pull list to view your collection of titles in a grid format. You can then email this collection to your local comic shop, or upload it to the BIZ site if you are a comic shop retailer. Depending on your computer preferences (i.e. you need to allow cookies), your pull list may not be available the next time you visit the site, so please do download your pull list before you leave. The download functionality may also be impacted by the browser you’re using; in our tests, we noted that Chrome seems to work best with both excel and pdf downloads. If you’re using Firefox, please “save” the excel grid to your desktop before you open it.


Please refer to your invoice and/or statement for the remittance address to use for submitting payments. For additional assistance with your account, please contact your Credit Representative by calling 1-800-726-0600.


Catalogs can be found here. You can also explore our site to find titles by favorite publishers like Marvel, Del Rey, Kodansha, Seven Seas, DC, and more. The site also has functionality for you to discover by key categories like graphic novels, children’s books, games, comics, and and much, much more!

The PRH Panels catalog is currently digital only. If you’re a fan and would like to get a physical copy of the Marvel Previews catalog please contact your local comic shop.

Comic shop retailers can order their quantity of Marvel Previews on the BIZ site.


To find your preferred publisher, click the Publisher tab (1st tab in the navigation bar) and select from the drop-down menu, or click “Browse All Publishers” to see a full list.

To explore by category, click on the categories tab (2nd tab from the left on the navigation bar) and select ‘Explore All Categories in the drop-down menu to find the complete index of categories and sub-categories. Try the type-ahead search bar on the top right if you don’t want to scroll through the whole list. There are more than 100 categories and sub-categories and we’ll be adding more as we get your feedback!

Once in a top category or publisher, filter down to the sub-category that best matches what you’re looking for. Featuring titles from a wide array of publishers, this site was designed to help you learn about the newest releases, explore backlist titles, and discover comics, graphic novels, and manga based on a variety of categories. You can filter your search by publisher, genre, format, age, grade, on-sale date, and more! In all filters, you do need to click the Apply box at the bottom of the filter box to activate your choice. And you may have to scroll down the page to find and click on the Apply button if the filter has a lot of choices.

General note: The entire PRH catalog is discoverable on this site. However, we’ve tailored the titles and product to reflect what will be most relevant for comic shop retailers and fans. If you search for any title from the PRH catalog in the search bar, you will be able to find information on that title.

Please do email us if you have any questions or feedback about publishers, categories or filters.

Website Imagery & Art

Imagery used on the pages were sourced from the followings works:

Kodansha Landing Page

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  • Promotion Module:
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Category Landing Page Banner: Vinland Saga © Makoto Yukimura/Kodansha, Ltd.

Manga Landing Page Banner: Blue Period © Tsubasa Yamaguchi/Kodansha, Ltd.