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Tara O'Connor

Tara O'Connor is comic maker and illustrator currently residing in the Ireland. She was born in the wilderness of New Jersey and when she's not making comics or teaching comics, she's probably working on an illustration of some sort. She's been drawing since before she can remember and has been drawing comics since she was about fourteen. In 2010, she braved the comics world and self-published her first mini-comic, Puddles.


Our Planet, Our Home: Earth Day 2022 Picks

Just as Batman seeks to save the soul of corrupted Gotham, and Superman defends Metropolis from villainous threats, we have been tasked with our own heroic mission: to save the Earth. Or rather, to save the Earth as we currently know it. Even in the worst-case scenario of climate change, this planet will far outlive

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YA Graphic Novels for Everyone

Written for readers 12-18, YA is one of the most creative categories in literature, blending the fantasy elements of children’s stories with the emerging adult themes of the life of a teenager. In graphic novels, there’s a wide range of YA titles available, ranging from non-fiction guides to bodies and relationships to real-world coming-of-age stories

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