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Mike Bowden


Marvel Multiverse RPG – New Spider-Verse Expansion Announced

As announced last week on Dicebreaker and Marvel’s website, the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game will have a Spider-Verse Expansion book for Summer of 2024! From The SPIDER-VERSE EXPANSION takes you deep into the life of Marvel’s most iconic hero, Spider-Man, and all his variants and villains from throughout the Multiverse. This expansion to the

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Deadpool Role-Plays the Marvel Universe Is an Exciting Comic/RPG Combo!

Marvel is releasing the innovative hybrid title, Deadpool Role-Plays the Marvel Universe in July — offering an exciting comic adventure alongside a fully interactive module for their best-selling Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game. As announced earlier today on IGN Entertainment, Marvel has a lot planned for Mr. Wilson this year in light of the upcoming summer blockbuster

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