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Katie Cook

Katie Cook is the creator of the Nothing Special webcomic on Webtoon and the oldie-but-goodie webcomic Gronk: A Monster's Story (which was one of the first webcomics archived by the library of congress!). She spent several years as one of the primary writers on IDW’s My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic comics to the point that they made her a pony on the show (really). Then there’s all those books she has illustrated and written for a tiny franchise called “Star Wars”. Maybe it’ll take off one day. Time will tell. She has also written and drawn comics for Marvel, Disney Publishing and many other publishers.


NOTHING SPECIAL – Fantasy Adventure Webtoon Coming to Print!

As announced 9/20 on Publisher’s Weekly, Ten Speed Graphic will be publishing Nothing Special, Volume One by the inimitable Katie Cook! Two not-so-human teenagers and a friendly ghost radish face the fantasy adventure of a lifetime in this captivating graphic novel, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes material from the beloved webtoon. Nothing Special, Volume One releases March

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