Ari Folman, author portrait
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Ari Folman

ARI FOLMAN is a director, screenwriter, and film score composer. He has written for several successful Israeli TV series and was the director and writer of the Oscar-nominated Waltz with Bashir, as well as The Congress, and adapted Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Edition.


Renegade Reading: Banned Graphic Novels and Comics

Banned Books Week this year is coming up on September 18 – September 24! Graphic novels are not immune to challenges and censorship, with graphic illustrated works frequently finding themselves banned from classrooms and libraries for alleged violence, “pornographic” illustrations, and other “adult” themes. Books banned most frequently include those dealing with sexuality and gender,

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Enrich Your S(h)elves With These Classic Literary GN Adaptations!

Our modern culture remains influenced and indebted to past literary classics to this very day.  Whether it be Homeric myths informing superhero stories, Mary Shelley’s innovations in the world of horror, or the seminal lessons from “The Bard” himself, William Shakespeare, the biggest works of the past continue to remain relevant and important.  The graphic

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75th Anniversary – Anne Frank’s Diary: The Graphic Adaptation

On June 25, 1947, the first edition of Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl was published. Anne’s diary had been found after she died of typhus in 1945 in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and given to her father, Otto Frank, the only known surviving member of her family. Since its original publication, the Diary has

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