Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Comics!

By Kat La Mantia | September 6 2022 | Graphic NovelsChildren'sYoung Adult

Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15- October 15, and there’s no better time to celebrate Hispanic and Latino creators and characters in the comics world!

Below, see some of our favorite picks for this month. Familiar faces like superheroes Miles Morales and Jaime Reyes make an appearance, but there are also great children’s titles on the list, like Red Panda & Moon Bear, Disney Encanto: The Graphic Novel, and Twin Cities, a middle-grade novel about two twins who have to learn to stand on their own when they go to two different schools across the border from each other.

Suncatcher is a perfect pick for the YA reader interested in a high-energy blend of rock and roll, the supernatural, and a classic coming of age story.

And finally, Ye, by Guilherme Petreca, is a gorgeously illustrated dreamscape where a mute boy must embark on a journey across sea and land, past pirates and drunken clowns alike, to find a legendary witch to help him defeat the dreaded Colorless King, who has stolen his voice. Featuring original, captivating illustrations, this graphic novel fairytale is sure to be a hit for readers of any age.

See more titles like this in our Hispanic Heritage Month title list.

Miles Morales takes up the mantle of Spider-Man! Before Peter Parker died, young Miles was poised to start the next chapter in his life in a new school. Then, a spider's bite granted the teenager incredible arachnid-like powers. Now, Miles has been thrust into a world he doesn't understand, with only gut instinct and a little thing called responsibility as his guides. Can he live up to Peter's legacy as Spider-Man? As Miles grapples with his new life, Miles' Uncle Aaron - A.K.A. the Prowler - learns his secret! He's got plans for his nephew, but little does he know that the Scorpion is on his tail! Plus: Universes collide, and the wall-crawlers of the Marvel and Ultimate Universes unite in the most ultimate, amazing Spider-Man story ever! Collecting ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4, ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN (2011) #1-12 and SPIDER-MEN #1-5.
$34.99 US
On sale Jul 28, 2015
FOC Jun 08, 2015
400 Pages
Ultimate Universe

Collects Amazing Fantasy (2004) #1-6, Arana (2005) #1-6.Out of the pages of AMAZING FANTASY comes a spectacular hero! She's a wall-crawler for a whole new generation: Anya Corazon, A.K.A. Araña! When scrappy Brooklyn high school student Anya accidentally crosses paths with the mystical Spider Society, she finds herself empowered with a magical tattoo that generates a strange armored exoskeleton - and grants her amazing powers! But as Araña gets more and more involved with the Spider Society, she learns of their ancient, hidden war against a ruthless enemy. Will Araña become a Hunter? Can she keep her father, an inquisitive reporter, from learning the truth? And what happens when her brand-new archenemy transfers into her school?! Meet the modern marvel with the heart of the spider!
$12.99 US
On sale Dec 22, 2020
FOC Oct 12, 2020
280 Pages
Outreach/New Reader
Age 10-14 years

Unearthed: A Jessica Cruz Story
Acclaimed author Lilliam Rivera and artist Steph C. reimagine one of DC's greatest Green Lanterns, Jessica Cruz, to tell a story about immigration, family, and overcoming fear to inspire hope.
$16.99 US
On sale Sep 14, 2021
FOC Aug 16, 2021
208 Pages
DC Comics
Age 13 and up

Blue Beetle: Jaime Reyes Book One
The mystical Blue Beetle scarab has chosen its new guardian, Jaime Reyes! But supernatural powers can be a blessing or a curse, and when it comes to the powers of the Scarab, you don’t get one without the other!
$29.99 US
On sale Sep 20, 2022
FOC Sep 05, 2022
296 Pages
DC Comics

Teen Titans: Robin
Tag along as #1 New York Times bestselling author KAMI GARCIA (Beautiful Creatures) and artist GABRIEL PICOLO, the creative duo behind the New York Times bestselling TEEN TITANS graphic novel series, as they continue with the action-adventure of a lifetime.
$16.99 US
On sale Mar 07, 2023
FOC Jan 09, 2023
208 Pages
DC Comics
Age 13-17 years

Red Panda & Moon Bear
Two Latinx kids battle supernatural threats to their working-class neighborhood with the power of science, magic, and a pair of very special hoodies.
$14.99 US
On sale Jul 23, 2019
192 Pages
Top Shelf Productions
Age 9-12 years

Voices That Count
Brought to life by a host of talented creators, this graphic novel anthology dissects what it means to be a woman in today’s hyper-masculine world.
$16.99 US
On sale Jul 12, 2022
FOC May 09, 2022
128 Pages
IDW Publishing

Onion Skin
Discover a bright new star of Mexican comics in this romantic and thrilling tale, stuffed with adventure and delicious food.
$14.99 US
On sale May 25, 2021
160 Pages
Top Shelf Productions

Twin Cities
(A Graphic Novel)
FOUR STARRED REVIEWS • A critically acclaimed graphic novel with rave reviews about this timely story featuring middle school twins living on the Mexico-US border and trying to discover exactly who they are – together or apart.“Transcendentally good.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review
$20.99 US
On sale Jul 19, 2022
FOC Jun 13, 2022
256 Pages
Random House Graphic
Age 8-12 years

(A Graphic Novel)
Filled with music, passion, supernatural secrets, and family, Jose Pimienta's Suncatcher brings to life a contemporary story of a girl growng up in Mexicali, with a supernatural twist and a lot of music.
$16.99 US
On sale May 19, 2020
224 Pages
Random House Graphic
Age 12 and up

Disney Encanto: The Graphic Novel (Disney Encanto)
This hardcover full-color graphic novel retells the exciting story of Disney Encanto—now streaming on Disney+!
$12.99 US
On sale Mar 08, 2022
72 Pages
Age 6-8 years

Tomás's Birthday Treasure! (Santiago of the Seas)
A new Little Golden Book featuring Nickelodeon's Santiago of the Seas!
$5.99 US
On sale Jan 25, 2022
24 Pages
Golden Books
Age 2-5 years

Who Was the Voice of the People?: Cesar Chavez
A Who HQ Graphic Novel
Discover the story behind Cesar Chavez and the Delano Grape Strike in this moving graphic novel -- written by award-winning author Terry Blas and illustrated by Ignatz-nominated cartoonist Mar Julia.
$12.99 US
On sale Jan 11, 2022
FOC Sep 13, 2021
64 Pages
Penguin Workshop
Age 8-12 years

Jaw-dropping full-color artwork breathes life into a mute boy's fantastic odyssey through time and space in this award-winning debut from the booming Brazilian comic scene.
$19.99 US
On sale Apr 02, 2019
176 Pages
Top Shelf Productions
Age 10 and up

Madrid in the eighties, and Barcelona ten years later. In these two vibrant locales, Castaways follows the relationship between Alejandra and Julio against the backdrop of these poetic urban spaces where dreams, love, and uncertainty intertwine. 
$24.99 US
On sale Feb 08, 2022
200 Pages
Dark Horse Books