ComicsPro 2022: Building Out A Kids & YA GN Section

Beginning to discover a new subgenre of titles always carries with itself with some uncertainty. But don't worry, we're here to help! Here is a useful short list of popular middle grade and young adult graphic novels, all orderable from Penguin Random House!

The first five are great opening choices for stores that have never carried these sorts of titles before. The next five are some recommendations for stores that have gotten their feet wet, but are looking to expand. The last batch are suggestions for stores who have built out a consistently performing Kid & YA section and are looking to go even deeper!

Clicking through any title will give you further information, including recommended age ranges, alternative formats, and more! You can then easily click the heart to add any favorites to your Pull List, which can be easily downloaded and imported into our Biz site (or given to your local comics retailer!)
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