Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Has a Clear Message From Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds: Let’s Go!

By Matthew Klein | April 24 2024 | GeneralGraphic Novels


The long-awaited first official trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine has arrived and it is bloody fantastic! Fans’ hopes and expectations are reaching through the Marvel multiverse after seeing how these two iconic characters are going to be “interacting” (i.e. stabbing each other, fighting supervillains, bickering, and Deadpool trying to make old Canucklehead chuckle). The trailer gives us our first inklings about what brings these two killing machines together and delivers a ton of Easter eggs for fans to spend hours dissecting!

We find everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth fighting to keep his world from being destroyed and enlists the fan-favorite claw-popping X-Man to enlist him in this multiversal mission. Of course, is this the same Wolverine we’ve known from the prior X-films or is this a variant? We see glimpses of incursions, mammoth memorials, an intro to big bad Cassandra Nova (who in the comics is Professor X’s twin sister), glimpses at characters across MCU and X-Men film pasts, it’s enough to send the already high hype into an omega level frenzy.

The Deadpool franchise has already grossed more than $1.56 billion across the globe. Marvel’s betting big that this R-rated third installment will deliver blockbuster results and lots of repeat viewings.

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