Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of “Kabuki” With the Complete Series in One Oversized Volume

By Nico Marjolin | April 24 2024 | Graphic Novels

Emmy & Eisner Award-nominated comics artist and writer David Mack (Daredevil, Echo, Cover, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods) celebrates the 30th Anniversary of his original series, Kabuki, the story of a government agent operating in Japan in the near future. To honor the occasion, Dark Horse Books has compiled the complete story into one must-have volume: The Complete Kabuki: 30th Anniversary Edition – releasing on December 10, 2024. The entire comic run is presented in 1,280 pages in an oversized hardcover (9″ x 12″) volume with a new, gorgeous painted cover by Mack.

“Kabuki is the foundation of my work in comics,” said Mack. “Both as a writer & as an artist. Kabuki is what got me the offer to write Daredevil at Marvel, & to create Echo. All of my work in comics began from this story & this art. It was my Senior Thesis in Literature”

About Kabuki:

Japan: A woman, code-named “Kabuki,” works for a government agency known as “the Noh”. When the agency she works for is compromised, Kabuki’s quest sends her down a difficult path, which brings her into direct conflict with the powers she formerly served. Delving into the Ainu (the indigenous people of Japan), Japanese Mythology, a crime story, an espionage story, hauntingly told through the lens of the Japanese Ghost story.

Get the entire collection in one impressive volume when The Complete Kabuki: 30th Anniversary Edition releases on December 10, 2024.

From the creator of Marvel’s ECHO, and the co-creator of COVER inspired by Mack’s overseas work for the US State Dept in Asia, Europe, & North Africa… KABUKI will make you a life-long fan!

The Complete Kabuki: 30th Anniversary Edition
For the 30th anniversary of the publication of the original Kabuki series, David Mack and Dark Horse Comics proudly present this complete collection of the entire comics run of Kabuki in a single, oversized hardcover with a beautiful and new painted cover.
$149.99 US
On sale Dec 10, 2024
1280 Pages
Dark Horse Books