New Series Spotlight: Origin

By Emmanuel Batista | October 17 2023 | Manga, Manhwa, Manhua

Do you love cyberpunk stories like Blade Runner and Battle Angel Alita? Then you’ve got to check out upcoming manga Origin by Boichi, the mangaka behind the extremely popular Dr. Stone. In the dystopian future of 2048, human-like robots hide among us, killing to survive. The manga follows the prototype robot Origin as he hunts down and destroys others like him. This is an intense and brutal sci-fi action story with beautifully drawn over the top robot fights perfect for any battle manga fan looking for their next read. Make sure to grab your copy of Origin when it releases Nov 21, 2023.

From the renowned artist Boichi comes a gorgeous and shocking hard-boiled sci-fi classic!
$12.95 US
On sale Nov 21, 2023
FOC Oct 23, 2023
196 Pages
Vertical Comics