New Series Spotlight: My Cat is Such a Weirdo

By Emmanuel Batista | September 28 2023 | Manga, Manhwa, Manhua

If you’re looking to add some cuteness to your reading, you’ve got to check out My Cat is Such a Weirdo! This is a full color manga of short comic strips about all of the silly things that mangaka Tamako Tamagoyama’s two rescue cats do. Each of these comic strips include adorable real photos of the cats. This is the perfect manga for cat lovers or anyone just looking for a new fun comedy. Make sure to grab your copy of volume 1 when it releases Oct 31, 2023.


My Cat is Such a Weirdo Vol. 1
A full-color manga series about the hilarious antics of the artist's rescue cats--accompanied by photos of real kitties in action!
$15.99 US
On sale Oct 31, 2023
FOC Oct 02, 2023
176 Pages
Seven Seas