PRH Comics Staff Picks: Summer Reads

By Emmanuel Batista | May 1 2023 | Graphic NovelsChildren'sYoung AdultPop Culture Prose

Summer is almost here! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, everyone’s getting ready to go on vacation! It’s the perfect time to start building up your to read pile! Here are the PRH Comics Team’s picks for great reads to check out this Summer! We’ve got picks for everyone from kids to adults so check them out!



Green Lantern Legacy

This book is about a young boy named Tai Pham discovers that his grandmother was a Green Lantern. He inherits her power ring and now must learn how to be a hero by learning about his family history. Green Lantern Legacy tells a story about the importance of family and community while also delivering an accessible Superhero tale that captures the fun and amazement that comes with a kid realizing that they’re a superhero.







Want a dense sci-fi novel to really sink your teeth into this summer? Then check out this Cyber-Punk classic! Case is a hacker at the end of his rope who can no longer access virtual reality until a mysterious benefactor offers him the job of a lifetime to fix his problem. He’ll encounter a tech-enhanced femme fatale, mysterious AI, and more in this influential sci-fi thriller!









PAWS: Gabby Gets It Together

Middle grade, girl-driven graphic novels are very popular right now.  This series combines the business antics and teen drama of the Babysitter’s Club with the joy of being surrounded by cute pups.  The interior art is very bright, detailed and accessible. PAWS does a great job blending the elements of a fun adventure with the kind of real life drama and hardships tweens go through, who will appreciate seeing their experiences reflected in their reading.






Vinland Saga 1

Manga has not always been my first choice but this is the title that will get me to take the plunge!  A historical fiction bloody action epic starring Vikings, how can you say no to that?  And did I mention there is a revenge subplot??  The extensive series length and anime adaptation makes this even more appealing as summer binge material.










A story about making new friends, found family, learning how to get through the school day all while dealing with giant mutant robots. I also love how if a kid gets into this first book there’s a dozen books they can continue to dive into afterwards. It’s a series that stays fresh and will grow with your middle-grade reader. Fun, funny, and filled with a sense of the fantastic, HILO is exactly the kind of crash landing you want younger readers to experience.







This is the perfect read to consume before delving into the live-action show out this August. Set after Ahsoka has left the Jedi order, this tale neatly fills in the gaps about the character’s history and what she was up to between the shows and her reappearance on the Disney+ shows. For those wanting to know, “Who is Ahsoka and why should I care?” give them this thrilling tale. Then tell them to prepare for the heir of the empire’s arrival…









Mayor Good Boy

What if the new town mayor was an adorable dog?? This graphic novel for ages 7-10 is perfect for fans of Dog Man and Investigators! It combines kid activism with hilarious middle-grade fiction as Mayor Good Boy helps Greenwood become a town full of kindness. It’s also the first of a trilogy, so if the little one in your life wants more Mayor Good Boy we also have Mayor Good Boy Goes Hollywood available.







Cook Korean! A Comic Book with Recipes [A Cookbook]

An introduction to Korean cooking through colorful and humorous comics and featuring 64 recipes. The cookbook’s straightforward and fun, with an illustrated format that’s easy to follow. Learning new recipes and ingredients is a great way to spend your summer evenings, and the reward is delicious! Go step up your cooking game!









Codex Black (Book One): A Fire Among Clouds

I’m fully hooked on this new series debut! Traveling through fifteenth-century Mesoamerica with Donají and Itzcacalotl as they search for Donají’s missing father and encounter some of the coolest looking monsters I’ve ever seen has been so much fun. The art is vibrant, the characters are so endearing, and the educational material at the back of the book has given me a new appreciation for the history of this part of the world. I absolutely can’t wait to read the next volume!






Lore Olympus: Volume One

Lore Olympus has been a favorite of mine since it first appeared on Webtoon, and it will no doubt remain at the top of my list forever. This is one of the most stunningly illustrated and captivating reimaginings of the Greek pantheon, giving new depth to the old gods and tackling some of the more troubling myths with grace and care. This story of Hades and Persephone is a lush romance packed with forbidden love and pining, which absolutely checks every box for me!






Green Lantern: Legacy
From Minh Lê, award-winning author of Drawn Together and Let Me Finish! comes the tale of a new hero!
$9.99 US
Jan 21, 2020
144 Pages
DC Comics
Age 8-12 years

Winner of the Hugo, Nebula, and Philip K. Dick Awards, Neuromancer is a science fiction masterpiece—a classic that ranks as one of the twentieth century’s most potent visions of the future.Case was the sharpest data-thief in the matrix—until he crossed the wrong people and they crippled his nervous system, banishing him from cyberspace. Now a mysterious new employer has recruited him for a last-chance run at an unthinkably powerful artificial intelligence. With a dead man riding shotgun and Molly, a mirror-eyed street-samurai, to watch his back, Case is ready for the adventure that upped the ante on an entire genre of fiction.Neuromancer was the first fully-realized glimpse of humankind’s digital future—a shocking vision that has challenged our assumptions about technology and ourselves, reinvented the way we speak and think, and forever altered the landscape of our imaginations.
$19.00 US
Jul 01, 2000
336 Pages

PAWS: Gabby Gets It Together
Are you a fan of Raina Telgemeier or Shannon Hale? Then don’t miss PAWS, a new graphic novel series about best friends, cute dogs, and all the fun (and trouble) that comes with them. Perfect for fans of Real Friends, Roller Girl, and Allergic, this funny and heartwarming series is the Baby-Sitters Club for pets!
$20.99 US
Mar 08, 2022
FOC Feb 07, 2022
176 Pages
Age 8-12 years

Vinland Saga 1
Anime from creators of Attack on Titan is coming July 2019 as an Amazon Prime Original Series and is set to run for two seasons, through December 2019.The epic action manga for fans of Game of Thrones, Berserk, or Lone Wolf and Cub. A story of war, royal intrigue, suspense and revenge set against the Viking invasions of England.Hardcover two-in-one format packed with extras. 16 and up.
$19.99 US
Oct 14, 2013
470 Pages
Kodansha Comics

Star Wars: Ahsoka
$10.99 US
Oct 03, 2017
384 Pages
Disney Lucasfilm Press
Age 12 and up

Mayor Good Boy
(A Graphic Novel)
There's a new dog in town! Finally Greenwood gets the mayor they've been waiting for--Mayor Good Boy! In this graphic novel, a very good dog is going to save his town, one hilarious try at a time.
$12.99 US
Aug 31, 2021
FOC Aug 02, 2021
224 Pages
Random House Graphic
Age 7-10 years

Cook Korean!
A Comic Book with Recipes [A Cookbook]
A charming introduction to the basics of Korean cooking in graphic novel form, with 64 recipes, ingredient profiles, and more, presented through light-hearted comics.
$22.00 US
Jul 05, 2016
176 Pages
Ten Speed Graphic

Codex Black (Book One): A Fire Among Clouds
Navigate through monsters, mysteries, and the will of the gods with two young extraordinary adventurers in fifteenth-century Mesoamerica as they search for a missing father.
$16.99 US
Apr 04, 2023
FOC Feb 27, 2023
320 Pages
IDW Publishing
Age 13-17 years

Lore Olympus: Volume One
Scandalous gossip, wild parties, and forbidden love--the Greek tale of Hades and Persephone gets a romantic modern update in the gorgeously illustrated, Eisner Award-winning Lore Olympus, including a brand new, exclusive short story!
$26.99 US
Nov 02, 2021
FOC Sep 13, 2021
384 Pages