Star Wars Celebration 2023:Trailers and News Highlights

By Emmanuel Batista | April 12 2023 | General

Star Wars Celebration wrapped up Monday (4/10) with a ton of news across movies, TV, and more! Here’s some of the biggest announcements and trailers from the celebration!


Teaser Trailer for Disney+’s upcoming Ahsoka Series Released


Ahsoka will arrive on Disney+ August 2023


Star Wars Visions Volume 2 Trailer Released


Star Wars Visions Volume 2 will be streaming on Disney+ May 4th,2023

Final Trailer for upcoming video game Star Wars: Jedi Survivor released 


Star Wars Jedi Survivor releases April 28th,2023

Marvel Announces their next big Star Wars Comics event: Star Wars: Dark Droids!

From Marvel:

DARK DROIDS will be a rare horror-fueled Star Wars epic set that erupts when a new threat is unleashed throughout the galaxy, corrupting droids, cyborgs, and everything in-between!

Who or what is the Scourge — and why is no droid safe? As a corruption spreads from one droid to the next, the Rebel Alliance and the Empire both face chaos! What role does Ajax Sigma from last year’s STAR WARS: REVELATIONS one-shot play in all of this? And whose side is he on?

In addition to all of this there was a new trilogy of movies announced, new seasons of fan favorite shows like Bad Batch and Tales of the Jedi, and more! Want even more adventures from a galaxy far far away? Check out all of our Star Wars titles here!

Star Wars Visions: Ronin
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The Art of Star Wars: Visions
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T0-B1: The Droid Who Became a Jedi (Star Wars: Visions)
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Star Wars: Ahsoka
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The Art of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
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Star Wars The High Republic Character Encyclopedia
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