Creator Spotlight: Jeff Lemire

By Emmanuel Batista | March 27 2023 | Graphic Novels

With the release of the trailer for Sweet Tooth Season 2 (Below) we put a spotlight on the career and other works of Sweet Tooth’s creator: writer/artist Jeff Lemire.


Jeff Lemire is one of the most prolific creators in modern comics. He has critically acclaimed work of varying genres as both a writer and artist across multiple publishers.

His first graphic novel release was in 2005 with Lost Dogs. Since Lost Dogs he has released many other celebrated creator owned titles like the small-town family drama Essex County, sci-fi mystery The Underwater Welder, and urban fantasy Berserker Unbound. From 2009-2013 he wrote and illustrated Sweet Tooth published by DC comics. He later returned to the series in 2020 with Sweet Tooth the Return.

He also has a plethora of Superhero titles under his belt such as his seminal run on Moon Knight with artist Greg Smallwood (which heavily influenced the Marvel Disney+ show), his excellent Animal Man run at DC during the New 52, and his more recent DC mini-series like Robin and Batman and Swamp Thing Green Hell. He even created his own superhero Universe in 2016 in Dark Horse’s Black Hammer, in which he is still publishing entries.

You can find the books mentioned in this article below and all of our titles from Jeff Lemire here!


Sweet Tooth Compendium
For readers eager to dive right into Jeff LeMire's strange sci-fi story, Sweet Tooth the compendium is now available!
$59.99 US
Jun 08, 2021
920 Pages
DC Comics

Sweet Tooth: The Return
The original award-winning creative team and the postapocalyptic sci-fi world of Sweet Tooth is back in Sweet Tooth: The Return!
$17.99 US
Aug 17, 2021
152 Pages
DC Comics

The Collected Essex County
Essex County is coming to CBC and CBC Gem as a 5-part limited series on March 19th!Award-winning cartoonist Jeff Lemire pays tribute to his roots with Essex County, an award-winning trilogy of graphic novels set in an imaginary version of his hometown, the eccentric farming community of Essex County, Ontario, Canada. Where does a young boy turn when his whole world suddenly disappears? What turns two brothers from an unstoppable team into bitterly estranged loners? How does the simple-hearted care of one middle-aged nurse reveal the scars of an entire community, and can anything heal the wounds caused by a century of deception? Award-winning cartoonist Jeff Lemire pays tribute to his roots with Essex County, an award-winning trilogy of graphic novels set in an imaginary version of his hometown, the eccentric farming community of Essex County, Ontario, Canada. Here, Lemire crafts an intimate study of one community through the years, and a tender meditation on family, memory, grief, secrets, and reconciliation. With the lush, expressive inking of a young artist at the height of his powers, Lemire draws us in and sets us free.This new edition collects the complete, critically-acclaimed trilogy (Tales from the Farm, Ghost Stories, and The Country Nurse) in one deluxe volume! Also included are over 40-pages of previously unpublished material, including two new stories.
$29.95 US
Sep 14, 2009
512 Pages
Top Shelf Productions

The Underwater Welder
Pressure. An underwater welder on an oil rig off the Nova Scotia coast, Jack is used to the pressures of deep-sea work. Nothing, however, could prepare him for the pressures of impending fatherhood. As Jack dives deeper and deeper, he seems to pull further and further away from his young wife and their unborn son. But then, something happens deep on the ocean floor. Jack has a strange and mind-bending encounter that will change the course of his life forever!Equal parts blue-collar character study and mind-bending science fiction epic, The Underwater Welder explores fathers and sons, birth and death, memory and truth, and the treasures we all bury deep down inside."It's a striking evocation of the Canadian Maritimes, and a moving meditation on what haunts us and how we struggle to keep those specters at bay." - New York Times
$19.95 US
Aug 07, 2012
224 Pages
Top Shelf Productions

Berserker Unbound Volume 1
A merciless sword and sorcery warrior finds himself blasted through a wormhole to a modern day metropolis where he must protect those around him from an evil wizard determined to send him to hell.
$24.99 US
Mar 03, 2020
136 Pages
Dark Horse Books

Collects Moon Knight (2016) #1-14. A story of birth, death and rebirth unlike any other! Marc Spector (A.K.A. Moon Knight/Jake Lockley/Steven Grant) has been fighting criminals and keeping New York City safe for years…or has he? When he wakes up in an insane asylum with no powers and a lifetime's worth of medical records, it calls his whole identity - identities - into question. Something is wrong, but is that something Marc himself? Delve deep beneath the mask of Moon Knight to meet the many men inside his head! While Steven Grant prepares for a box-office smash, Jake Lockley is arrested for murder! And as the muddled mind of Moon Knight reaches its limit, the secrets of his past are revealed. Moon Knight's survival depends on answers, but Marc Spector is plagued by nothing but questions!
$34.99 US
Mar 08, 2022
320 Pages
Marvel Universe

Animal Man by Jeff Lemire Omnibus
Presenting the Eisner Award-winning writer Jeff Lemire's New York Times bestselling two-and-a-half-year run on Animal Man.
$99.99 US
Dec 24, 2019
816 Pages
DC Comics

Robin & Batman
Robin is just starting out at the side of Batman, struggling to find his own path from personal tragedy to being a Superhero.  The Eisner-winning superstar team of writer Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth) and artist Dustin Nguyen (Batman) unite for a three-issue limited-series exploring the beginning of Dick Grayson’s crime-fighting career.
$16.99 US
Aug 22, 2023
144 Pages
DC Comics

Swamp Thing: Green Hell
The only way to defeat a monster is to resurrect an old one! Can Swamp Thing save what’s left of existence?
$29.99 US
Aug 01, 2023
152 Pages
DC Comics

Black Hammer Omnibus Volume 1
The first chapter of the highly acclaimed, Eisner Award-winning superhero saga by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston, now in an affordable omnibus format.Mysteriously banished from existence by a multiversal event, the old superheroes of Spiral City now lead simple lives on a bizarre farm from which there is no escape!
$29.99 US
Oct 11, 2022
408 Pages
Dark Horse Books

Black Hammer Omnibus Volume 2
The long-awaited conclusion to the highly acclaimed, Eisner Award–winning superhero saga.
$29.99 US
Jul 25, 2023
400 Pages
Dark Horse Books

The World of Black Hammer Omnibus Volume 1
An expanded look at the world of Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston’s Eisner Award–winning Black Hammer universe, with two complete series drawn by David Rubín and Max Fiumara.
$29.99 US
Jul 04, 2023
256 Pages
Dark Horse Books

The World of Black Hammer Omnibus Volume 2
An expanded look at the past and future of Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston’s Eisner Award–winning Black Hammer universe, with two complete series drawn by Wilfredo Torres and Matt Kindt!
$29.99 US
Nov 07, 2023
296 Pages
Dark Horse Books