Celebrate Black History Month with Comics

By Kat La Mantia | January 12 2023 | ComicsGraphic Novels

February marks Black History Month: a time to commemorate the lives and work of Black trailblazers in all fields, from artists and writers to freedom fighters and politicians. Take a graphic non-fiction approach to history with books covering the Black Panther party, historical figures like Rosa Parks and Frederick Douglass, and John Lewis’s experience in the civil rights movement. In comics, celebrate Black characters like Black Panther and Ironheart, writers like Ta-Nehisi Coates and N. K. Jemisin, and creators like Dwayne McDuffie and Liz Montague.

Check out some of our favorite selections below, and see more on our Black History Month title lists!


Black History Month – Non-fiction

Black Voices: Creators and Characters

March (Trilogy Slipcase Set)
The award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling trilogy is complete! Celebrate with this commemorative set containing all three volumes of March in a stunning new slipcase designed by Nate Powell and Chris Ross and colored by José Villarrubia.
$49.99 US
On sale Sep 06, 2016
Boxed Set
576 Pages
Top Shelf Productions

The DC Universe by Dwayne McDuffie
Unforgettable stories starring DC's greatest super heroes written by Dwayne McDuffie, the the co-creator of the Emmy Award winning television series STATIC SHOCK and of Milestone Media, the most successful black-owned comic book company in history!
$39.99 US
On sale Feb 07, 2023
FOC Dec 05, 2022
280 Pages
DC Comics

The Black Panther Party
A Graphic Novel History
A bold and fascinating graphic novel history of the revolutionary Black Panther Party.
$19.99 US
On sale Jan 19, 2021
192 Pages
Ten Speed Graphic

The Other History of the DC Universe
Academy Award-winning screenwriter John Ridley (12 Years a Slave, Let It Fall) examines the mythology of the DC Universe in this compelling new graphic novel! Reframing iconic moments of DC history and charting a previously unexplored sociopolitical thread as seen through the prism of DC Super Heroes who come from historically disenfranchised groups, John Ridley goes where no other has gone before!
$19.99 US
On sale Nov 22, 2022
FOC Aug 08, 2022
256 Pages
DC Comics

Ta-Nehisi Coates' complete, acclaimed story of a king who sought to be a hero…a hero who was reduced to a slave…a slave who became a legend! The award-winning author confronts the Black Panther with dramatic upheaval in his homeland - first with a violent uprising, then the return of ancient gods! Meanwhile, T'Challa's sister, Shuri, makes a transformative journey through Wakanda's past, and Storm returns to the Panther's life! But in the far reaches of space, a new cosmic power emerges: the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda! How did this happen? What does its ruthless Emperor N'Jadaka have planned? And what difference can one nameless-yet-familiar warrior, with no memory of his past, make to the rebellion? The Black Panther - and Wakanda - will never be the same! Collecting BLACK PANTHER (2016) #1-18 and #166-172 and BLACK PANTHER (2018) #1-22 and #23-25 (A STORIES).
$125.00 US
On sale Oct 11, 2022
FOC Feb 21, 2022
1224 Pages
Marvel Universe

Original Sisters
Portraits of Tenacity and Courage
A stunning collection of more than 150 color portraits of groundbreaking women throughout history—many unsung or forgotten—by one of the best illustrators working today  
$30.00 US
On sale Nov 09, 2021
320 Pages

Maybe An Artist, A Graphic Memoir
A heartfelt and funny graphic novel memoir from one of the first Black female cartoonists to be published in the New Yorker, when she was just 22 years old.
$24.99 US
On sale Oct 18, 2022
FOC Sep 05, 2022
176 Pages
Random House Studio
Age 12 and up

Who Sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott?: Rosa Parks
A Who HQ Graphic Novel
Discover the story behind Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott in this compelling graphic novel -- written by Oh My Gods! author Insha Fitzpatrick and illustrated by #DrawingWhileBlack organizer Abelle Hayford.
$7.99 US
On sale Jan 11, 2022
FOC Sep 13, 2021
64 Pages
Penguin Workshop
Age 8-12 years

Nubia: Queen of the Amazons
All hail Queen Nubia, champion of the three tribes!
$24.99 US
On sale Dec 20, 2022
FOC Sep 05, 2022
152 Pages
DC Comics

I am John Lewis
The late Civil Rights activist and Congressman John Lewis is the 29th hero in the New York Times bestselling picture book biography series for ages 5 to 9. (Cover may vary)
$16.99 US
On sale Jan 17, 2023
40 Pages
Rocky Pond Books
Age 5-9 years

Milestone Compendium Two
Milestone Compendium is a can't-miss collection for any Milestone Comics or 90's comics fan!
$59.99 US
On sale Jan 31, 2023
FOC Nov 07, 2022
1320 Pages
DC Comics

Little Monarchs
A ten-year-old girl may be the only person who can save humanity from extinction in this exciting graphic novel adventure.
$22.99 US
On sale Apr 05, 2022
FOC Mar 07, 2022
256 Pages
Margaret Ferguson Books
Age 9-12 years

Who Is the Man in the Air?: Michael Jordan
A Who HQ Graphic Novel
"Pulse-pounding, both as a sports highlight and a tribute to the character and determination of one of the game’s unexcelled greats." — KirkusDiscover the story behind Michael Jordan's incredible triumph in the 1997 Flu Game in this powerful graphic novel written by Murder Ballads' Gabe Soria and illustrated by award-winning artist Brittney Williams.
$12.99 US
On sale Nov 01, 2022
FOC Oct 03, 2022
64 Pages
Penguin Workshop
Age 8-12 years

Far Sector
Winner of the 2022 Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story or Comic!The first murder in 500 years. Twenty billion suspects. One hope.
$29.99 US
On sale Oct 19, 2021
FOC Sep 20, 2021
312 Pages
DC Comics

I am Oprah Winfrey
Deeply influential cultural icon Oprah Winfrey is the twenty-fifth hero in this New York Times bestselling picture book biography series.
$15.99 US
On sale Oct 19, 2021
Rocky Pond Books
Age 5-9 years

The Next Batman: Second Son
Discover the origin of the new Dark Knight, Tim "Jace" Fox! The estranged son of billionaire Lucius Fox has returned to Gotham City and taken on the mantle of Batman after being away for years. Where has the eldest son of one Gotham's premiere families been for these 'missing' years and how did he become Gotham’s New Protector? 
$24.99 US
On sale Sep 07, 2021
FOC Aug 09, 2021
128 Pages
DC Comics