Marvel’s SECRET INVASION Drops First Trailer

By Matthew Klein | September 12 2022 | ComicsGraphic Novels


It was an exciting weekend at the D23 Expo if you like to make yours Marvel. The House Of Ideas’ studio released an exciting first trailer for their upcoming Secret Invasion show coming to Disney+. The trailer’s screening confirmed a Spring 2023 release and the first footage showcased the kind of espionage thriller the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The trailer does resemble the original comics storyline insomuch that it hints an infiltration across the globe by the Skrulls, who audiences first met in the MCU with Captain Marvel. Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, and Cobie Smulders will return from that film along with previous MCU alums including Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross (Black Panther) and Don Cheadle as War Machine.

The series takes its name from the seminal Marvel Comics event crossover series by Brian Michael Bendis and Lenil Yu. The series was significant as it built off of the fallout from Marvel’s Civil War storyline wherein the country, and its heroes, found themselves divided by the Superhero Registration Act. Characters came back from the dead, teams like the Thunderbolts returned to prominence, and a new Dark Reign direction for the Marvel Universe took hold for the next year of storytelling. How much of the comics will be adapted into the series? Will the comics provide a road map of where the MCU is heading next? We’ll find out next Spring.

In the meantime though, look into these released and upcoming reads to satiate your curiosity about Secret Invasion and stay tuned as we get more updates over the coming months…

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