Top Selling Spooky Titles for Kids

By Kat La Mantia | August 2 2022 | GeneralGraphic NovelsChildren's

Witches, ghosts, and mysterious forces of the unknown take center stage in these bestselling spooky picks for young readers. If you’re stocking up for Halloween, don’t forget these age-appropriate stories of ghouls, creepy mysteries, and bands of plucky children who ultimately make their brave escape with a little help from their friends.

The Sleepover
Perfect for fans of Stranger Things, this middle grade graphic novel follows a group of kids trying to cheer up their friend after a recent loss with a fun-filled sleepover, but their plans soon take a dark turn when they discover his new nanny may literally be a monster.
$13.99 US
Nov 09, 2021
FOC Sep 13, 2021
224 Pages
Age 8-12 years

The Girl and the Glim
An original graphic novel about being the new kid in a different school, getting picked on by the class bullies, and what happens when a magical presence takes notice.
$12.99 US
Jun 07, 2022
FOC May 02, 2022
128 Pages
IDW Publishing
Age 9-12 years

Sisters of the Mist
Join Kyra and her sisters as they fight the mysterious forces of the forest, and the challenges of drifting apart with age. Perfect for fans of The Babysitters Club graphic novels and transitional readers aging out of Hilda.
$15.99 US
Jul 05, 2022
FOC Jun 06, 2022
136 Pages
Flying Eye Books
Age 8-12 years

Salt Magic
The epic, Eisner Award-winning graphic novel about a jealous witch, a withering curse, and one girl's journey to save her family-- no matter the cost.Recipient of the Eisner Award for Best Publication for Kids ages 9–12
$14.99 US
Oct 12, 2021
FOC Sep 13, 2021
240 Pages
Margaret Ferguson Books
Age 10-14 years

Every night, tiny stars appear out of the darkness in little Sandy's bedroom. She catches them and creates wonderful creatures to play with until she falls asleep, and in the morning brings them back to life in the whimsical drawings that cover her room.
$10.99 US
Mar 05, 2019
56 Pages
Age 8-12 years

Black Sand Beach 3: Have You Seen the Darkness?
Dash and the crew are on a mission to save their summer vacation home from competing evils in the third installment in this creepy graphic novel series, perfect for fans of Gravity Falls, Rickety Stitch, and Fake Blood.
$22.99 US
Jun 21, 2022
FOC Apr 11, 2022
192 Pages
Age 8-12 years

A Nightlights Story
NEW PAPERBACK EDITION! Raina Telgemeier meets Miyazaki with a Latin American twist in this mesmerizing follow-up to the best-selling children's graphic novel Nightlights. Lorena Alvarez's spunky heroine Sandy returns to explore a magical new dimension.
$10.99 US
Aug 03, 2021
FOC Jul 05, 2021
64 Pages
Age 8-12 years

Séance Tea Party
(A Graphic Novel)
Lora wants to stay a kid forever, and she'll do anything to make that happen . . . including befriending Alexa, the ghost who haunts her house. A middle-grade graphic novel about growing up that's perfect for fans of Ghosts and Making Friends.
$20.99 US
Sep 15, 2020
272 Pages
Random House Graphic
Age 8-12 years

Mason Mooney: Paranormal Investigator
Paranormal Investigator Mason Mooney is heartless, both figuratively and literally. He's on a mission to prove to the Paranormal Society that he's the best paranormal investigator around, but they're not so sure. And they're not the only ones.
$12.99 US
Sep 01, 2020
72 Pages
Flying Eye Books
Age 8-12 years