Graphic Novels for Kids 6-9

By Kat La Mantia | April 15 2022 | GeneralGraphic NovelsChildren's

Sandwiched between kids just learning to read and kids emerging into tween and YA lit, the 6-9 age range is ideal for building a child’s love of books based on their interests. Graphic novels also serve as a unique supplement to chapter books and traditional illustrated titles. With subjects including their favorite superheroes, animals, nature, school life, and more, these selections will help to build your children’s bookshelves and form them into a lifelong reader.

Marvel Black Panther Shuri Defender of Wakanda
Discover how Shuri uses amazing technology to protect Wakanda!
$17.99 US
On sale Mar 15, 2022
FOC Jan 10, 2022
48 Pages
DK Children
Age 5-7 years

Batpig: When Pigs Fly
Introducing a supremely hilarious graphic novel featuring an unstoppable, super-swine hero who boldly fights for justice . . . in between taking mud baths and eating tasty sandwiches.
$14.99 US
On sale Nov 09, 2021
FOC Sep 27, 2021
240 Pages
Dial Books
Age 7 and up

The Flamingo
A Graphic Novel Chapter Book
A stunning graphic novel filled with gorgeous, whimsical illustrations about an imaginative girl and a bright pink feather that leads to a journey with a baby flamingo. A "perfect" (Shelf Awareness) chapter book from the highly acclaimed creator of the New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year, The Only Child.NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR • Kirkus Reviews • School Library Journal • Shelf Awareness • Horn Book
$18.99 US
On sale Sep 27, 2022
FOC Aug 22, 2022
144 Pages
Random House Studio
Age 5-8 years

Two-Headed Chicken
In a hilarious, absurdist romp by New York Times best-selling creator Tom Angleberger, a two-headed chicken races across the multiverse to escape a hungry moose.Anything is possible in the multiverse, including a madcap adventure starring a plucky two-headed chicken. But look out—there’s a chicken-hungry moose in pursuit! In this fourth wall–breaking graphic novel, our double-headed hero is chased through dozens of bizarre universes, from an ocean planet with a disturbing mermoose (that you can never unsee) to a world where chickens drive cars, and even to a land covered with . . . pizza sauce? With each BZOOP! of the universe-hopping Astrocap, the only thing to expect is the unexpected. Packed with jokes, quizzes, and games, the two-headed chicken’s wacky escapades will remind readers of such favorites as Dog Man and CatStronauts. Absurdist superstar Tom Angleberger makes his original graphic novel debut with this lightning-fast caper that will have readers laughing out loud and eager for each new page.
$12.99 US
On sale Aug 31, 2022
FOC Nov 07, 2022
208 Pages
Walker Books US
Age 7-10 years

Expedition Backyard
Exploring Nature from Country to City (A Graphic Novel)
Join two best friends—a mole and vole—on their everyday expeditions to find beautiful plants, meet new animals, and learn more about the world all around them in this nonfiction graphic novel.
$12.99 US
On sale Jun 21, 2022
FOC May 16, 2022
128 Pages
Random House Graphic
Age 4-8 years

Housecat Trouble
(A Graphic Novel)
When a scaredy-housecat is home alone for the first time, he and his furry friends are forced to face monsters and their fears on a quest to save the day. This middle-grade graphic novel series is filled with silly jokes, adventure, and a whole lot of fun.
$12.99 US
On sale Feb 22, 2022
FOC Jan 24, 2022
176 Pages
Random House Graphic
Age 7-10 years

The Knight at Dawn Graphic Novel
The #1 bestselling chapter book is now a graphic novel! Magic. Mystery. Time-travel. Get whisked back to the time of medieval knights with Jack and Annie!
$9.99 US
On sale Nov 16, 2021
FOC Aug 23, 2021
176 Pages
Random House Books for Young Readers
Age 6-9 years

Justice League Unlimited: Girl Power
Girls run the world!
$9.99 US
On sale Jul 06, 2021
152 Pages
DC Comics
Age 7 and up

Alcatoe and the Turnip Child
Welcome to Plum Woods, where spells come alive and witches gather for the Annual Harvest Festival to celebrate the season! Perfect for fans of Aster and the Accidental Magic and Hilda who aren't quite ready for Pumpkinheads.
$12.99 US
On sale Oct 04, 2022
FOC Sep 05, 2022
64 Pages
Flying Eye Books
Age 7-10 years