Isn’t She WONDER-ful? Where To Start Reading Wonder Woman

By Matthew Klein | July 30 2021 | Graphic Novels

She is Diana of Themyscira and her courage will change the world (bonus points if you know where I took that from). For eighty years creators have given life to an Amazon Princess who has exemplified the very best of the human spirit. Diana has been thrilling readers and viewers on the page, small screen, and in theaters influencing generations. She has evolved through the ages, reflecting the best of times and the worst of times while still remaining a beacon of hope, love, and bravery. Whether she’s fought monsters, myths, legends, or against oppression, Diana has always maintained her inspirational and aspirational aura. If you have never dived into the stories that have been the bedrock of her legacy then you may look at the eighty years of offerings with some trepidation. Where do you start? Well, here are a few of the best places to jump into Wonder Woman’s world.

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth
Wonder Woman's mission was to save Man's World from itself. She failed.
$29.99 US
On sale Dec 01, 2020
200 Pages
DC Comics

Wonder Woman By Greg Rucka Vol. 1
Eisner Award-winning author Greg Rucka's critically acclaimed run writing the Amazon Warrior is collected in WONDER WOMAN BY GREG RUCKA VOL. 1.
$29.99 US
On sale Jul 19, 2016
392 Pages
DC Comics

Wonder Woman By George Perez Vol. 1
George Pérez's revolutionary WONDER WOMAN series is collected in paperback.
$24.99 US
On sale Aug 23, 2016
352 Pages
DC Comics

Diana and the Island of No Return
Warrior. Princess. Hero. Diana's destiny is to be the world's greatest female super hero... if she can survive this action-packed adventure! Witness young Wonder Woman come into her own powers as she fights to save her island!
$8.99 US
On sale May 25, 2021
288 Pages
Age 8-12 years